Rauli Virtanen’s Afghanistan

Rauli Virtasen Afganistan [Rauli Virtanen’s Afghanistan]
YLE 2022, Directed by Rauli Virtanen (54 min)
Broadcast date: 24.1.2022
Director-writer-photographer: Rauli Virtanen
Producer: Marko Lönnqvist

Journalist Rauli Virtanen has seen
the reality of the old and the new Taliban rule.
He has experienced Afghanistan
over the past 40 years.
History repeats itself in cruel ways
and once again the lives of women and girls
are being threatened.

The news from Afghanistan
in early 2022 was devastating.
It reported that women and girls
were taking part in protests.
Dozens of them were arrested
and have spent six weeks in prison
in the city of Mazar-i-Sharif.
There is talk of torture.
Over the winter months,
several women and girls
have been found shot.

Some of the women and girls
have been released,
but they fear for their lives.
They don’t dare to tell outsiders
what has happened to them,
because they fear reprisals by the Taliban.

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