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An Increasingly Urban World

Today, more than half the population of the world
lives in urban areas, that is, in cities or towns.
Developing countries, too, are fast becoming more urban.
Experts predict that, 20 years from now,
twice the current number of people will be living in a city.
That is four billion people.
It will give developing countries new opportunities,
but it will also bring great social,
economic and environmental problems.

The world changes fast.
Which is a challenge for the texts in this exhibition.
What can be written about subjects
when situations keep changing?
Inevitably, something will always get left out.

See below the link tips
that Rauli Virtanen has provided
to give you more information.

UN Agenda 2030: Nobody Gets Left Behind

In 2015, the United Nations [UN]
published an ambitious
plan for sustainable development
called Agenda 2030.

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