A man looks towards the camera. In the background you see shack buildings, carts and goods in piles.


YLE 2016. Directed by Kati Juurus (56 min)
Broadcast date 14.12.2015
Director/Writer: Kati Juurus
Producer: Erkko Lyytinen

The Kibera slum in Nairobi
is a beneficiary of aid
and has the support
of many celebrities and organisations,
including from Finland.
Why then, despite the aid,
does the living standard
of the people in Kibera get worse?
The local radio journalist
Boy Dallas wants to find out.

‘We were there in 2016
and felt the atmosphere when Kati Juurus’s
documentary Kibera! was screened.
It was shown outdoors as darkness fell over Kibera.
We spent several days with Boy Dallas,
the main character in the documentary film.
He guided us to a deeper understanding
and knowledge of Kibera.’

— Rauli Virtanen

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